The Perfect Solution for Optimal Rodent Feeding Schedules!

CageView-SmartFeeder (CV-SmartFeeder™) is an innovative and cutting-edge automated solution to simplify and streamline food access for rodents according to experimental schedules.

This groundbreaking device offers smart features and user-friendly controls, ensuring hassle-free and precise feeding time scheduling for up to five weeks.

With CV-SmartFeeder, researchers can experience a stress-free rodent cage environment with a fully automated and perfectly synchronized feeding assessment system.

Experience a new era in rodent research with CV-SmartFeeder™, offering unmatched convenience, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness for researchers seeking optimal results. Elevate your experiments to new heights with this revolutionary tool.

Feature Highlights

  • Food Dispenser

    Dispense food to mice according to the experiment's requirements

  • 5-Week Food Schedule

    Schedule access to food by using a detailed daily programmable software

  • Remote Access

    Access the platform from anywhere using any remote desktop access technology

Facilitate experiments that require meticulous control over feeding patterns or fasting intervals

Enhance research outcomes by ensuring consistent and accurate feeding

Researchers can remotely manage feeding schedules up to 5 weeks from any location

Real-time access and modification of feeding/fasting schedules eliminate pre-set limitations

Enhanced flexibility for researchers, allowing tailored adjustments to research needs and unexpected circumstances


• Offers impressive ease of use, enabling researchers of all levels to utilize it efficiently

Affordable pricing makes it accessible to a wide range of research institutions and facilities

No specialized training or technical expertise required for operation

Researchers can establish comprehensive feeding/fasting schedules for up to 5 weeks

Eliminate the need for in-person supervision in the research laboratory or animal house

Allows researchers to conduct long-term experiments with 24/7 live monitoring of rodents

stress free rodent cage

The automated feeding assessment system ensures a stress-free environment for rodents

Minimizes disturbances from manual feeding, allowing animals to better adapt to their surroundings

Reduces human-animal interactions, minimizing potential experiment interference


• Offers a versatile design with programmable and adjustable food access mechanisms

Seamless movement along multiple axes ensure efficient feeding for rodents

Effortless mounting on standard research centre cages for easy integration into existing setups