Mousercise™ App

The Perfect Solution for Rodent Activity Measurement!

The Mousercise app, a versatile and user-friendly tool, is readily available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play. It allows researcher to effortlessly collect data for Mousercise across multiple units simultaneously. The app offers comprehensive insights into activity monitoring.

Researchers can efficiently quantify experiments in numerical format, and generate graphical representations for technical reports. Moreover, the app streamlines data analysis for publication by facilitating data export.

Mousercise App offers free access to effortless simultaneous multi-unit data generation for Mousercise and simplifying accurate data collection for smarter publications.

Feature Highlights

• Utilizes a sensory-based measurement system for seamless rodent activity quantification

• Ensures precise cage alignment to provide reliable tracking of rodent activity

• Provides updates with live activity, gaining instant insights into rodent movement patterns

• Automatically measuring movement cycles 

Exporting data for further analysis and connecting to qualitative results

Daily events recorded and sorted by time order