Innovative animal tracking device that is revolutionizing the field of animal behavior research


Cutting-edge automated solution to streamline food access for rodents according to experimental schedules.


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Animal activity tracking device that automatically quantifies the number of rotations on the exercise wheel 


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CageView in a new beta trial at Toronto Metropolitan University

Researchers at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at Toronto Metropolitan University, in collaboration with Tactile Robotics, has started a Beta trial procedure on CageView to figure out its adaptability for other research/scientific applications and condition monitoring. Tactile Robotics is happy to provide the required equipment for the trial and expand the application of the horizons of CageView for other smart and automated applications.

CageView in a newly published scientific article

It is our absolute pleasure that CageView has undergone an academic study for animal science experiments, and the results have been successfully published in a scientific paper. You can find the link to the paper here:
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CageView has been successfully delivered and adopted in the Department of Small Animal Imaging Lab at the University of Manitoba

As the remote work and operation control is becoming more popular in industries and research activities, Tactile Robotics is bringing the future of animal science research to the forefront. The importance of remote operations has become even more obvious when the recent Covid-19 pandemic caused several activities to be stopped due to public health safety.

One of the ongoing research activities in the Small Animal and Materials Imaging Core Facility, Central Animal Care Services at Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, is based on tight food control and condition monitoring of mice before conducting the imaging process. This has established a joint research and development activity between the University of Manitoba and Tactile Robotics and led to the development of CageView Technology.

We are honoured to announce that CageView has finished the development process and is now adopted as standard equipment which is being used for food control and condition monitoring at Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba.

Scientific Publications

CageView: A smart food control and monitoring system for phenotypical research in vivo

Contributors: University of Manitoba, Ryerson University

The present work introduces an automated and smart system (named CageView) used to monitor a mouse, detect motion, and control access to food in accordance with experimental schedules. In particular, CageView is a programmable and remotely operable system such that (i) an experimenter at a remote workstation may set up a feeding/fasting schedule that allows feeding/fasting without the requirement of the physical presence of a staff member, (ii) the experimenter can control access to food in real time regardless of the pre-set schedule; (iii) the experimenter has real-time access to a live video feed to assess the mouse; (iv) an artificial intelligence system tracks the mouse’s location and physical activity and (v) a record is kept of activity which can be displayed as a 2D representation of mouse movement or a histogram showing mouse movement in 15 minute blocks for the duration of the experiment.

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Methods and apparatus for monitoring, feeding, and checking animals (US63/321368, CA3,193,336)